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Start Your Publicity Engine for a Fraction of the Normal Costs

PromoPack BoxIt’s no secret that there are thousands of artists trying to break out and become the next Hip Hop sensation. You’ve got your story. You’ve got  your music; but the methods to gain exposure can be confusing and overwhelming.  If you’ve ever checked into a professional publicity agency the fees to do anything can be just as overwhelming!  This is exactly why if makes perfect sense to start your own grass-roots publicity program  through

Our process can be the catalyst to get the initial exposure you need and build your name and a fan base.  Everyone starts small, that’s nothing new, but the best artists use the tools that are available to them to reach an audience that is just waiting for the next Drake or  Lil Wayne.  If  you ask them if they started on top they will tell you that it can take years to get noticed by the right people.  You can get ahead of the crowd with a program such as ours.

Our System Gets Your New Fans to Work For You

You’ve probably read about the power of Social Media and how it can make someone famous overnight.  The same thing can happen to you if your music or mix is hot.  But for many artists it can take years to build a social media following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.

Our system puts your material in the fast lane for social impact.  Through our website we have established strong social channels with regular followers that look forward to our updates and messages.  Your new release can be included in our messages when you sign up for one of our Promotion Packages.

This Isn’t Your Father’s Marketing Program

If you think you’re going to break through by sending letters and mixes to studio executives and producers you are in for an up hill battle.  These people received thousands of messages every week and it’s impossible for them to keep up.  In fact, the media moguls look online for their next star.  They browse the websites just like you do.  Imagine Snoop visiting our site and seeing your latest video and tune featured on our home page.  Then imagine one of his people contacting you about sending more material.  Imagine a meeting with Snoop, then a contract!  It can happen if you take the right steps to get your material exposed through our channels.

Our fees are small so that anyone can participate.  We believe that when you succeed, we succeed.  Artists who gain exposure through our program can use our services on a regular basis to launch their latest material.  As your brand grows, our brand grows.

Because we know you are busy we have built four packages for artists to consider.  Beginning with as little as $100 you can gain additional exposure on our site.  However we highly recommend the Gold and Platinum packaged because they deliver the added impact of our social programs which can expand your message 10x the initial posts.





To participate in a program just complete the promotion application form below.  Once received we will send you an invoice via PayPal and you can pay with credit card or PayPal account.  You’ll then send your material via email and we will begin the marketing process.

Typical programs take 2-5 days to implement and you can start seeing results within days. The best marketing strategy includes the services our program offers along with your own publicity efforts.  Unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees on the results of your program because acceptance and buzz can be heavily dependent on your material and how it is received.  We can guarantee it will be out there for everyone to see and if it’s the next big thing, you’ll know it.

Artists should consider an on going program that includes one event per month to build a regular following.  We can put together larger custom programs at better values if you are interested.  For more information on this type of program send us your budget and we will respond with a specially created marketing communications program just for you. Contact us at: